Hydraulic tubing end locator

The Hydraulic Tubing End Locator (TEL) give the operator the ability to correlate tool string depth by locating on either the tubing entry guide or a nipple profile within the well bore.

Hydraulic-Tubing-end-loactorAs the tool is hydraulically operated, it can be functioned multiple times to ensure accurate depth correlation.

Flow through the tool creates the required hydraulic pressure to activate the locating arms.  An over-pull will be observed when the tool is pulled through a restriction such as a nipple profile or when re-entering the production tubing.  The locating arms will collapse when a predetermined force is applied.  The pull force required is variable depending on pump rate and pressure.

The locating arms will retract to the tool OD when flow through tool has stopped.  A safety shear release feature is incorporated in the unlikely event that the spring does not fully retract the locating arms or can also be used to de-activate the tool when it is no longer required.

Design Features

  • Short & Compact Design
  • Wide “Tag” Range For Each Tool
  • Simple Adjustment For Tubing or Nipple Profile Size
  • Reliable, Repeatable Operation
  • Emergency Shear-Out Feature
  • Variable Nozzle Sizes and Shear Ratings
  • Simple Field-Redress Capability


Tool OD (in) 2.130" 2.880"
Connections 1½" AMMT 2-3/8" PAC DSI
Tag Range Up to 5" tubing Up to 7" tubing
Torsional Strength (ft-lbs) 750 ft/lbs 1,900 ft/lbs
Tensile Strength (lbs) 63,000 lbs 113,800 lbs
Overall Length (ft) 2.50' 2.28'