Down-Acting Impact Hammer

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services’ Down-Acting Impact Hammer is a tool that transmits multiple downward impact forces at high frequency, thus eliminating the need to cycle the Coiled Tubing at surface and reducing fatigue on the coil.

Down-acting-impact-hammerThe tool is operated by a combination of flow rate and set-down weight which is converted into mechanical energy.  The Down-Acting Impact Hammer is constructed with a single-piece, non-flexible impact shaft for maximum impact force and power efficiency.  It is also available in 1.69” OD & 2.13” OD sizes.



The Impact Hammer has a single-piece, non-flexible shaft; it is the simplest and most reliable means of transmission for all applications in an impact drill.

Power Section

The Down-Acting Impact Hammer has a non-typical power section which does not rely on rubber components for efficient operation.  The tool is constructed from aviation-quality stainless steel for use in hostile environments such as H2S, CO2, HCl and can be operated with a variety of fluids including diesel, foam, light oils, nitrogen gas and in high temperature  applications.

Bearing Assembly

The Impact Hammer Drill Jar’s bearing assembly is well-suited for weight-on-bit (WOB), side-loading and over-pulls.  Non-typical bearings are used, eliminating common problems of lubrication failure and over-heating.



  • Shifting Sliding Sleeves and Isolation Valves
  • Breaking Ceramic Discs
  • Swaging & Broaching Operations
  • Driving Debris and Stuck Tools Down-Hole
  • Cleaning Sand & Scale