Dual-Acting Impact Hammer

The Dual-Acting Impact Hammer is a high-frequency, bi-directional impact tool which is activated with a combination of flow rate and applied load.

 dual-acting-impact-hammerA minimal load is required (approximately 500 lbs) in order to activate the tool.  The performance of the tool is dependent on applied load, pump rate and pressure.

The flow rate through the tool will determine the frequency of impact (number of hits per minute).  Normal operating flow rate is between 0.5 & 1.0 bbl/ min.  The impact force will increase with applied load.  Optimum operating load is 1,000 – 1,500 lbs.  For optimum performance it is recommended to run the tool with an accelerator.  Weight bars can also be ran in between the Hammer and Accelerator.

The Dual-Acting Impact Hammer is ideally suited to high-deviation or long horizontal wells as minimum load is required for activation.  The tool can be used for various applications including opening and closing sliding sleeves and isolation valves, setting and retrieving plugs and various fishing applications.  The internal mechanism does not rely on elastomeric seals for operation making it suitable for most down-hole environments including corrosive fluids and high-temperature applications.


  • Low Operating Loads Compared to Standard Jars
  • No Pipe Movement Required, Reducing Coiled Tubing Fatigue
  • High-Frequency Impact Force
  • Upward & Downward Impact
  • Can be Configured as a Single-Acting or Dual-Acting Tool
  • Can be Operated Using Various Fluids