I-Stroke Bi-Directional Impact Hammer

The I-Stroke Bi-Directional Impact Tool is a reliable, bi-directional impact hammer with a large Through-Bore which allows for ball-drop-activated tools to be ran below it

I-stroke-bi-directionalAvailable in H2S, CO2 and Acid-resistant materials.  It can also be ran in a single up or down mode.

One advantage if the Bi-Directional adapter on the I-Stroke system is that the impact hammer will not activate unless a push or pull force is applied.  The force required to activate the hammer is low, approximately 600 lbf or 2300 lbf depending on direction.  No pipe movement is required, reducing unnecessary Coiled Tubing fatigue.

Design Features

  • Through-Bore Allows ½” Drop-Ball to Pass
  • Bi-Directional Adapter Prevents the Hammer From Being Activated Unless Minimum Push/ Pull Force is Exceeded; approximately 600 lbf/ 2300 lbf