FRAC-Tool Memory Gauge Carrier

The FRAC Tool Memory Gauge Carrier, developed by our sister company Omega Well Monitoring, is designed to be used with casing, drill pipe and tubing strings.

The tool is a memory pressure/ temperature sensor and carrier system.   Designed as non-obtrusive, this system nonetheless retains the carrier’s required burst and tensile strength.

The FRAC Tool Memory Gauge Carrier can be provided in a wide range of sizes and variations.  The tool can be customized to customer requirements in various overall lengths and diameters, with or without a fish neck, and with variations in the type of connector threads.

The pressure/ temperature gauge set-up can have internal or external sensing on one or more gauges, including gauges with extended battery barrels for increased sample duration.  We offer a full range of market-leading Omega Well Monitoring gauges. 

Please contact your Reservoir Group Representative for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Uninterrupted Well Flow, Due to Non-Intrusive Sensor Deployment
  • Full-Bore Flow Area Through ID and Tool
  • Monitors Tubing and/ or Annulus Pressure
  • Provides Maximum Tensile Strength  for Gauge Carriers
  • Non-Intrusive Down-Hole Pressure Monitoring During FRACs or Other Stimulation Work