Pump-Out Sub

The Reservoir Group Pump-Out Sub is a pressure-activated tool which prevents wellbore fluid from entering the work string as it is ran in hole.

Pump-out-subTwo pressure-retaining shear plugs are fitted to this sub, to provide the required double-barrier isolation.  The tool is commonly used to confirm the pressure integrity of a velocity string.  Following installation of the string, once string integrity has been confirmed, pressure inside the velocity string is increased to the required value to shear the screws retaining the plugs in position.  This then allows the plugs to exit the lower section of the sub.  Fluids can now be produced through the velocity string.

Design Features

  • Adjustable Shear Rating
  • Simple Design & Operation
  • Shear Screws Positioned Internally
  • Internal & External Pressure Integrity
  • Full-Bore Access Following Tool Activation