Coiled Tubing External Dimple Connector

The Reservoir Group Well Intervention External Dimple Coiled Tubing Connector is used when the internal surface of the Coiled Tubing is unable to provide a sealing surface, due to pitting from acid or corrosion.

Coiled-tubing-external-dimple-connectorThe larger bore of this connector enables higher flow rates and larger drop-ball sizes to be used.  The assembly is also useful when an external end connector with a minimal OD is required.

The outer surface of the Coiled Tubing is prepared using emery cloth to provide a sealing surface.  Using the Reservoir Group Well Intervention External Dimpling Tool, the surface of the Coiled Tubing can be dimpled.  The connector is then installed over the end of the Coiled Tubing, and the dimpling screws are tightened into the impressions made from the dimpling tool.

Design Features

  • Simple Design
  • Internal Reaming NOT Required
  • Standard & H2S Service Versions Available
  • Simple Maintenance in the Field
  • Suitable For All Wall Thicknesses of a Given Coiled Tubing OD
  • Allows Full-Bore Flow Through the Connector
  • Perfect Solution For Light Applications Such as Nitrogen (N2) Lifting or Fluid Pumping
  • Useful Alternative When Internal Connectors Are Unable to Provide a Seal