Coiled Tubing High-Load External Slip-Type Connector

The Reservoir Group High-Load External Slip-Type Connector is specially designed for heavy duty Coiled Tubing applications.

Coiled-tubing-high-load-externalThe connector is attached to the Coiled Tubing by means of a slip-mechanism which provides resistance to tensile & torsional loads.  Pressure integrity is provided by two O-Rings which form a seal around the Coiled Tubing OD.

The High-Load version of this tool had an extended grapple section which effectively distributes the axial load over a larger surface area.  This helps to prevent collapse and swelling of the Coiled Tubing under extreme conditions.

Design Features

  • High Tensile & Torsional Strength
  • Standard H2S Service Versions Available
  • Simple Maintenance & Replacement of Parts
  • Extended Grapple to Reduce Coiled Tubing Collapse & Swelling
  • Anti-Rotation Screws to Prevent the Top & Bottom Subs From Backing Off
  • Simple to Install, With NO Removal of Internal Weld Bead (Flashing) Required
  • Wide Range of Connector ODs for a Given Coiled Tubing Size for Maximum Flexibility
  • Also High-Pressure/ Extreme Temperature (15,000 PSI/ 232°C/ 449.6° F) Available for 1.75” OD Coiled Tubing