Coiled Tubing Internal Dimple Connector

The Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services’ Internal Dimple Connector provides a reliable means of connecting the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) with the Coiled Tubing.

Coiled-tubing-internal-dimple-connectorThe Internal Dimple Connector can be designed to have the same OD as the Coiled Tubing for running “slick” (Slim-Hole) tool strings or with over-sized bottom sections to confirm BHA has reached surface.  Prior to installation, the internal weld bead (flashing) can be removed using Well Intervention Products’ Internal Coiled Tubing Reamer.  The connector can then be dimpled on using Reservoir Group’ Manual Dimpling Tool or any standard hydraulic jig.  The dimples allow the connector to effectively transmit both torque and tensile loads.

The dimple connection has comparable strength to that of the Coiled Tubing.  The design features dual O-Rings to provide a reliable seal on the Coiled Tubing’s ID.  The Internal Dimple Connector can be designed and manufactured to suit any size and weight of Coiled Tubing, with any combination of Tool OD and threaded connection.

Design Features

  • Simple, Robust One-Piece Design
  • High Torque & Tensile Strength
  • Standard & H2S Service Versions Available
  • Ideal for Jarring & Motor Applications
  • Quick & Easy Make-up
  • Dual Elastomeric Seals
  • Available for All Sizes of Coiled Tubing
  • Full Range of Tools Sizes & Connections Available