Coiled Tubing Roll-On Connector

The Reservoir Group Coiled Tubing Roll-On Connector provides a reliable means of connecting the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) to the Coiled Tubing.

Coiled Tubing Roll On ConnectorPrior to installation of the Roll-On Connector, the internal weld bead (flashing) can be removed from the coiled tubing using the Reservoir Group Internal Coiled Tubing Reamer or with a die-grinder where permitted.  The in-line connector is then attached by crimping the Coiled Tubing into the pre-formed channels on the connector body, using a Roll-On Connector Crimping Tool.  Pressure containment is provided by O-Rings located between the channels on the connector.

The Roll-On Connector is available for all Coiled Tubing sizes between 1” and 3-1/2” OD.  These connectors can be supplied with an OD the same size as the Coiled Tubing to accommodate “slick” (Slim-Hole) tool strings, as well as supplied with industry-standard connections or as per customer requirements.  Specialist versions are available upon request.

Design Features

  • Simple, Robust One-Piece Design
  • Standard & H2S Service Versions Available
  • Can be Supplied With “Slick” (Slim-Hole) or Over-Sized Bottom Section
  • Available for a Wide Range of Coiled Tubing ODs & Wall Thicknesses
  • Supplied With Industry-Standard Connections or Client-Specific Connections
  • Crimping Rollers Can be Manufactured to Suit Coiled Tubing OD for Specific Applications