C-Load Hydraulic Disconnect

The Reservoir Group C-Load Hydraulic Disconnect is an extremely robust, heavy duty, drop-ball emergency release tool.

c--hydraulic-disconnectIt allows a stuck Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) to be detached at a pre-determined point.  The inherent strength of the C-Load Hydraulic Disconnect is provided by its` unique grapple design, which also resists bending and vibrational loads.

The C-Load Hydraulic Disconnect offers excellent resistance to impact and torque loading, and is suitable for heavy duty applications including below jars in a tool string, milling, under-reaming, cutting & perforating assemblies.  The tool is also fitted with a rupture disc facility in order to re-establish circulation in the event of a plugged tool string.

The tool is activated by a drop-ball via the work string and applying a pre-determined amount of pressure to activate the release mechanism.  The upper portion of the tool can then be recovered from the well, leaving an internal “GS” profile for subsequent fishing operations.

Design Features

  • Simple & Effective Emergency Release Joint
  • Torque-Through Feature
  • Standard Internal “GS” Profile
  • Variable Shear Ratings
  • Easy Field Redress & Set-up