Double-Flapper Check Valve

The Double-Flapper Check Valves provide the primary internal well control barrier within the Coiled Tubing Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) during “live” well intervention operations.

Double-flapper-check-valvesThe Check Valves prevent the wellbore fluid and pressure from entering the Coiled Tubing string while allowing for unrestricted flow through the tool string.

The flapper valves are spring-loaded in the normally closed position but will open fully during circulation to provide a large internal Through-Bore passage of drop-balls.  The tool can also be supplied with the valves in the normally open position.

The two flapper cartridges are easily removable for quick and easy inspection and redress.  A high performance elastomeric seal is used within each flapper cartridge for improved sealing performance and reliability. The dual flapper design provides full redundancy for increased safety.

Design Features

  • Simple, Robust Construction
  • Large, Uninterrupted Through-Bore
  • Dual Barrier Design for Increased Safety
  • Removable Cartridges for Easy Redress
  • Standard & H2S Service Versions Available
  • High Pressure & High Temperature Options Available