Mechanical Shear-Type Disconnect

The Reservoir Group-designed Mechanical Shear-Typed Disconnect is a simple and effective emergency release tool.

mechanical-shear-type-disconnectThe Shear Disconnect can be ran in place of a ball-activated tool, in situations where a drop-ball cannot be used, such as below a motor.  It allows a stuck Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) to be detached at a pre-determined tensile load.

 The tool is typically used in fishing applications where a motor is used to “bait” a fish.  Once the fish has been engaged with the appropriate fishing tool, an over-pull is applied to shear the Disconnect, again at a pre-determined tensile load, leaving a standard internal “GS”- type profile for subsequent fishing/ jarring operations.

Design Features

  • Simple & Effective Emergency Release Joint
  • Torque-Through Feature
  • Standard Internal Fishing Neck Profile
  • Standard & H2S Service Versions Available
  • Variable Shear Ratings
  • Easy Field Redress & Set-up