Pump-Off Disconnect

The Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services’ Pump-Off Disconnect has been specifically designed for use in highly deviated and horizontal well sections.

Pump-off-disconnectThe tool allows a stuck Bottom Hole Assembly to be disconnected and leaves a standard internal GS profile for subsequent fishing operations.  However, this tool differs from standard disconnects as no over-pull is required for activation.  This is especially important in long horizontal sections where there is insufficient pull at the BHA to operate the Disconnect.  The tool is also equipped with a burst disc port which allows circulation to be regained if the lower BHA is plugged off.

If a stuck BHA is encountered, a drop-ball is launched into the Coiled Tubing and circulated to the Pump-Off Disconnect.  When the ball is seated, an increase in circulating pressure will be observed as the tool is activated.  Once the tool has disconnected, normal circulation will be regained and a pressure drop will be visible.  The Coiled Tubing can then be pulled to surface as normal.

Design Features

  • Flow-Through Capability
  • Easy Make-Up/ Break-Out
  • Tapered Nose For Self-Aligning
  • Rotationally Locked When Made Up
  • Upper Lock Nuts Locked in Place by Grub Screws