Fixed-Blade Stabiliser

The Reservoir Group Fixed-Blade Stabiliser provides stability to a Bottom Hole Assembly and can assist in the centralisation of a tool string.

Fixed-blade-stabiliserThis can be especially important during fishing operations.  The Stabiliser is often ran below the Disconnect Assembly to help ensure the fish neck is accessible for retrieval.

The Fixed-Blade Stabiliser is robust and economical.  The fluted blade design removes sharp edges to ensure smooth passage through restrictions.   The Full-Bore allows for the safe passage of drop-balls and darts and ensures flow the BHA is unrestricted.

Design Features

  • Simple, One-Piece Design
  • Standard & H2S Service Versions Available
  • Wide Range of Outside Diameters Available
  • Variety of Box & Pin Connections Available
  • Large Through-Bore for Pumping Operations