Free-Rotating Swivel Joint

The Free-Rotating Swivel Joint allows the full rotation of Bottom Hole Assembly components placed under the joint.

Free-rotating-swivel-jointThe tool has pressure integrity and rotation is possible under load.

The Swivel Joint is used when full and free rotation of the tool string is required down-hole.  A Swivel Joint typically is required to assist passage through down-hole restrictions or where orientation is necessary, such as in the manipulation of Gas Lift Mandrels.

The Swivel Joint can also be used while making up the BHA at surface.  Bottom Hole Assembly components beneath the Swivel may be rotationally locked, and the Swivel is used to connect this assembly to the upper BHA. 

The large Through-Bore ensures a minimal pressure differential is created across the tool and allows for the passage of drop-balls.

Design Features

  • Pressure Integrity
  • Flow-Through Capability
  • Operates Under Tensile & Compressive Loading
  • Available in a Variety of ODs & With Industry-Standard Connections