Straight Bar

The Straight Bar is specially designed for Coiled Tubing operations. It is approximately 1 meter (3 ft) long, full flow-through metal bar with a box - pin connection.

Straight-barThe Straight Bar is often used to extend very short tool strings, such as a simple clean out or lifting a tool string.  By extending a short BHA, the possibility of “tagging” up on down-hole restrictions will reduce.  Therefore a smoother RIH will be achieved.  Straight bars are flush in order to reduce the risk of hanging up or tagging in restrictions.

Running the Straight Bar between a Jar and Accelerator is also a possibility.  By adding weight between the Jar and Accelerator, the accelerated mass will increase, which effects the duration and force of impact. 

Straight Bars can also be used to make a “Dummy” run to check well conditions.

The Straight Bar is available in 1-11/16”, 2”, 2-1/16”, 2-1/8”, 2-5/8”, 3-1/8” and 3-3/4” Outside Diameters.


  • Clean Out Operations
  • Nitrogen Lifts
  • Fishing & Retrieval Operations
  • Sweet & Sour Services (H2S)