Coiled Tubing Bender

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Product’s Coiled Tubing Bender is a reliable tool that can straighten curved coiled tubing, so it will be much easier running through the wellhead and wellbore, not “tagging” on any valves or casing collars.

coiled-tubing-benderThe coil sizes vary from ½” – 2-7/8”.  The coiled tubing is bent using a hydraulic cylinder.


  • Makes smooth, wrinkle-free bends
  • Set includes a hydraulic cylinder, hose and hydraulic hand pump
  • Bending shoes and bending frame are lightweight, heat-treated aluminum
  • Set includes sturdy steel storage case
  • Shoe Lock Pin included in every set
  • Eject-O-Matic™ benders use a dual-acting cylinder to eject pipe from the bending shoe

Technical Specifications

Coil Bender

  • Length  25.59”/ 650mm
  • Width    6.29”/ 160mm
  • Height   9.45”/ 240mm
  • Weight 18.74 lbs/ 8.5 kg


Nike Hydraulic Pump PHS 70-300

  • Length  12.59”/ 320mm
  • Width    4.33”/ 110mm
  • Height   6.69”/ 170mm
  • Weight 13.23 lbs/ 6 kg
  • Eff. Of Vol.          18.3”³/ 300 cm³