Coiled Tubing External Dimpling Tool

The External Coiled Tubing Dimpling Tool provides an effective method of attaching an External Dimple Connector to the Coiled Tubing.

Coiled-tubing-external-dimple-toolThe External Dimpling Tool is slid over the end of the Coiled Tubing and the integral hammer is used to ensure that the tool “Bottoms Out”.  The dimpling screws are then hand-torqued to form dimples on the outside diameter of the Coiled Tubing.  The assembly is then removed and the threaded end of the External Connector is made up to the reverse end of the External Dimpling Tool.

The External Dimple Connector is then inserted over the end of the Coiled Tubing and lined up with the dimples impressions.  The set screws on the External Dimple Connector are then secured into the dimples on the Coiled Tubing and the connector is ready for pull & pressure testing.

The sliding hammer may be used to assist both the installation and the removal of the External Dimple Connector.

Design Features

  • Easily Re-Dressed in the Field
  • Available in Various Coiled Tubing Sizes
  • Sturdy Design With Minimal Maintenance
  • Integral Sliding Hammer to Assist Installation & Removal