Coiled Tubing Internal Dimple Tool

The Reservoir Group Coiled Tubing Internal Dimpling Tool provides a quick and simple method of installing an Internal Dimple Connector.

coiled-tubing-internal-dimple-toolA hex socket and wrench are used to apply torque to the dimpling bolts and form the Coiled Tubing into the dimple profiles on the connector.  This creates a high-tensile & torsional strength connection between the Coiled Tubing and the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA).

The dimpling jig is assembled from two halve-sections to allow the make-up of both “slick” (Slim-Hole) and over-sized Internal Dimple Connectors.  The use of inserts allows the tool to accommodate various sizes of Coiled Tubing.  A hydraulically-operated dimple jig is also available upon 

Design Features

  • Simple Design & Use
  • Easily Operated by One Person
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Accommodates a Range of Coiled Tubing Sizes
  • Sturdy Construction to Ensure a Long Service Life
  • Lightweight Alternative to Hydraulic Dimpling Jigs



  • Other Sizes & Connections Available Upon Request