Coiled Tubing Internal Reamer

The Internal Coiled Tubing Reamer is designed to remove the weld bead (flashing) and improve the surface finish on the internal wall of the Coiled Tubing.

Coiled-tubing-internal-reamerThis provides a smooth surface which allows the O-Rings on an Internal Coiled Tubing Connector to seal.

The tool can be fitted with a range of different cutter reamers and bushes to accommodate various Coiled Tubing ODs and wall thicknesses.  The bevel cutter provides a lead-in for the connector and helps prevent damage to the O-Ring seals.

It is a simple, hand-operated tool which requires minimal training.


Design Features

  • Self-Aligning
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Machines a High-Quality Finish on the Coiled Tubing ID
  • Hardened Reaming and Bevel Inserts to Ensure Long Service Life
  • Simple to Adjust to Suit Multiple Coiled Tubing ODs & Wall Thicknesses
  • Bevel Cutter Available to Add Lead-In on Coiled Tubing ID to Prevent Damage to O-Rings



  • Other Sizes Available Upon Request
  • 1-1/4” Coiled Tubing Conversion Kit Available for 3-1/4” OD Version