Pull Pressure Test Subs

The Reservoir Group Well Intervention Products & Services’ Pull/ Pressure Test Subs are designed to enable the safe and efficient testing of Coiled Tubing Connectors.

The Coiled Tubing Connector is made up to the box end of the plate and a pull test is performed.  The Pull/ Pressure Test Sub is also used for pressure testing the Coiled Tubing Connector and Bottom Hole Assembly Components.

Pull/ Pressure Test Subs are equipped with ½” NPT side-mounted ports to allow the insertion of valves and hoses for circulating, displacing and pressure testing.

This well-proven design can be used for all types of Coiled Tubing Connectors.

Design Features

  • Simple, One-Piece Design
  • Side-Mounted NPT Ports Can be Provided to Prevent Accidental Valve Damage
  • Can be Used for Testing Several Coiled Tubing Sizes
  • Large OD Suitable For a Wide Range of Pull Testing Configurations