End of Coil Detector

The End of Coil Detector is used to assist oil service providers involved in running slim-hole tools.

This non-invasive wellhead sensor takes guesswork out of detecting the end of the Coiled Tubing inside the riser, preventing injuries and saving lives.  

How it Works:

The sensor detects the passing end of the Coiled Tubing, and relays this information to the Control Box giving both a visual and audible warning alarm to the operators.  Two data-output ports provide a low/ high alarm signal and an analogue logging signal.  The Sensor Assembly is intrinsically safe and certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.  The Control Box and Battery Pack are certified for Zone 1.

The main system consists of two sensor heads, a Control Panel that includes an alarm, and a 12V battery pack.  The sensors are typically positioned up to 50 meters (150+ feet) away from the Control Panel using the supplied connecting cables.  The sensors are strapped to the outside of the riser (lubricator) section using a simple strap and buckle arrangement.  When the sensors are diametrically opposed to each other, tightening of the straps will keep everything in place.  The position of the sensors is important to give full coverage of the riser bore.  The system must be powered by a 12V DC supply, either fed by an infallible transformer or by a battery pack supplied with the main system (recommended option).  Additional spare battery packs are available upon request.