Hydraulic 'C' Plate

Reservoir Group Well Intervention Services’ Hydraulic C-Plate has been designed for the safe and efficient make-up of tool string connections.

Hydraulic-C-plateThe Hydraulic C-Plate is typically used when working within lifting frames on semi-submersible rigs or when working at heights where it can be difficult to correctly align the tool string connections.

The Hydraulic C-Plate provides sufficient stroke to allow for the safe make-up of most small diameter connections and eliminates the need for radio communication or for manipulation of the Coiled Tubing string, lifting frame winch or crown block.  The C-Plate is operated by the use of a hydraulic hand pump giving the operator full control of raising and lowering the tool string.

The Hydraulic C-Plate would typically be used in conjunction Reservoir Group’ Quick Connect Sub which also eliminates the need for hydraulic tongs for tool string make-up.

Design Features

  • Safe & Efficient Tool String Make-up
  • Eliminates Radio Communication
  • Compatible With Reservoir Group’ Quick Connect Assemblies
  • Eliminates Movement of Coiled Tubing or Blocks
  • Reduces Risk of Personal Injury
  • Reduces Risk of Equipment Damage
  • Compact, Lightweight Design