Hydraulic Tong Unit

The Hydraulic Tong Unit is designed to provide a safe and reliable method of making and breaking small diameter tool string connections.

Hydraulic-make-break-tong-unitThe Hydraulic Tong ensures the correct make-up torque is applied to the rotary connections and also eliminates any unsafe practices when attempting to make/ break connections manually.

The unit comprises of three separate components:  an air-driven hydraulic power pack, control panel and torque head.  A compact and lightweight design makes the tong unit easy to handle, allowing it to be used safely when working at heights such as on an elevated work platform, or in limited work spaces.

Certified lifting points are available on all components for safe and easy handling at the rig site.  The unit’s torque head is fitted with a lifting point which allows for working with a tool string in either a vertical or horizontal position.

Design Features

  • Safe & Efficient Tool String Make-up
  • Compact & Lightweight, Versatile Design
  • For Use on Rotary Connections Up to 3-1/2”OD
  • Can Also be Used With Small Diameter Tubing & Drill Strings
  • Can be Used on Connections With Different Diameters
  • Quick & Easy to Operate
  • Extension Hoses Can be Fitted For Working At Heights
  • Proven, Reliable Design