Lift Subs

Reservoir Group designs & manufactures a variety of lifting subs to allow the safe transfer of Bottom Hole Assembly sections

Lift-subsThey are available in box or pin configurations and all standard connections are available.  They are designed to accept shackles which are certified for the expected loads.

Lift Subs are commonly used in pressure deployment operations where long BHAs are used.  The Lift Subs can be attached to the BHA sections to allow safe transfer between locations.  They can also be fitted with the box and pin connections provided on Reservoir Group’ Quick Connect Assemblies to ensure ease-of-use with our Pressure Deployment Systems.

Design Features

  • Simple, One-Piece Design
  • Designed to Accept Specified Shackles
  • Compatible With Reservoir Group’ Quick Connect Assemblies
  • Can be Provided With NPT Ports to Assist in Pressure Testing of Tool