Slip Bowl

Reservoir Group Well Intervention’s Slip Bowl is a heavy duty surface tool that has a catch range varying between 1”, 1-1/2”, 1-3/4” and 2” OD.

The ridged design of the bowl will allow for extreme loads to be carried and because the slips are made for a maximum of 2” OD, the weak point will be the tubing that’s hanging in the slips.

Each link as a separate tapered slip which acts as a gripping member, much like a tapered rotary slip, and each slip is held in a retracted position on the taper by spring tension.  When the clamp is tightened, each small slip takes a firm initial grip on the surface of the pipe.  Should the pipe start to fall, or should any load increase occur against the slips, the taper mounting causes each slip to wedge tighter against the surface of the pipe to increase the grip or lock the pipe against further movement.  Gripping pressure is always uniform around the pipe so there is little chance of crushing thin-walled pipe or damaging the pipe surface.