Application matrix

We offer a variety of memory tools to match just about any type of job that you might encounter down-hole. Many of our tools can work in similar environments; the table below suggests which tool is suited for each application type.

Appropriate Memory Gauges and Logging Tools

○ Piezo Gauges ◇ Quartz Gauges ○ Surface Gauges & Production Logging Tools

●Application ★ Features
○Ultra Slimline
○La Bomba
○Pressure Pilot
○Micro Automatic

Premier & Premier Plus

QM200 & QM200S

Well Head Recorder

Mini Logging Tool (MLT 300)
Casing leak detection
Frac monitoring
Gas lift mandrel
Gradient survey
High temperature (200°C)
Interference test
Long duration data recording (>1 year)
Perforation monitoring
Plunger lift
Pressure build up or drawdown test
Production monitoring and artificial lift control
Production optimisation
Pump monitoring
Reservoir evaluation, well testing & DST
Slickline operations
Static, flowing and build-up surveys
Stimulation monitoring
Temperature logging
Fully automatic gauge

Multiple well surveys without reprogramming

Metal to metal seals

H2S & CO2 resistant
Up to 150 deg C
Up to 175 deg C
Up to 200 deg C