Memory gauge monitoring

Ideal for Wireline, Gauge Carrier and Tubing Conveyed surveys, our comprehensive selection of Memory Gauges and Logging Tools provide monitoring solutions for all Reservoir and Well activities including Surface pressure and temperature data logging.

Piezo Gauges

Piezo gauges

Reservoir Group has the most comprehensive line-up of Piezo Memory Gauges available anywhere.
Quartz Gauge

Quartz gauge

Reservoir Group Quartz Gauges provide highly accurate and reliable data in the most demanding environments over long periods.
Surface Gauge

Surface gauge

The Reservoir Group Surface Gauge utilises Piezo-resistive sensor technology to provide superior accuracy and resolution of data compared to analogue dial gauges
Gauge Carriers

Gauge carriers

Reservoir Group can provide Gauge Carriers from a comprehensive range of Tubing Conveyed, Wireline Conveyed and Coiled Tubing carriers which are suitable for various applications such as Frac, DST, Gravel Packing, Slickline and Coiled Tubing operations.
Logging Tool

Logging tool

The Reservoir Group Memory Logging Tool is designed to provide our clients with compact modular solutions for Production Logging and Leak Detection operations. Our MLT300 string provides correlated data versus depth with the following sensors: CCL, Differential Temperature, Pressure, Temperature and Flow (full bore or in-line).
Automatic Calibration Tool

Automatic Calibration Tool

The High Pressure Automatic Calibration Unit (HPACU) has been designed to be a portable, fully-automatic calibration Unit for calibrating reservoir Group Memory Gauges.