Automatic Calibration Tool

The High Pressure Automatic Calibration Unit (HPACU) has been designed to be a portable, fully-automatic calibration Unit for calibrating reservoir Group Memory Gauges.

The complete system comprises the HPACU, PC or Laptop running Reservoir Group WinCal software and a printer. The system only requires mains power and compressed air external connections along with a single USB interconnect cable to function. It is simple to set up and requires minimal training to use. A single gauge calibration on the system takes approximately 10 minutes to set up and fourteen hours to perform automatically with no user input required during calibration.

The system can calibrate pressure gauges at up to 15,000 psi and 175°C and provides a calibration traceable to the U.S. National Pressure Standards maintained by NIST at a fraction of the cost of automatic dead weight systems.  Temperature accuracy is achieved with our bespoke ‘gauge profiled’ Heating Jacket technology and is traceable to UKAS.  This enhances our own and our Clients ability to support the Reservoir Group Memory Gauges in remote locations.