Gauge carriers

Reservoir Group can provide Gauge Carriers from a comprehensive range of Tubing Conveyed, Wireline Conveyed and Coiled Tubing carriers which are suitable for various applications such as Frac, DST, Gravel Packing, Slickline and Coiled Tubing operations.

Coiled Tubing Gauge Carrier

Coiled tubing gauge carrier

Pressure and temperature data acquisition from the end of coiled tubing.
Frac Gauge and Carriers

Frac gauge and carriers

Patented design allows for unobstructed flow and consistent flow rates when space is tight.
Gravel Pack Carriers

Gravel pack carriers

Reservoir Group Well Monitoring have combined a cost effective package of downhole memory gauges and gauge carriers to acquire data during the gravel packing process.
Tubing Conveyed Gauge Carrier

Tubing conveyed gauge carrier

Reservoir Group can provide a wide range of Carrier types, configurations and sizes.
Carrier Request Form

Carrier request form

Reservoir Group will assist with the design and manufacture of a Carrier to meet your specific requirements.