Coiled tubing gauge carrier

Pressure and temperature data acquisition from the end of coiled tubing.

The Coiled Tubing Gauge Carrier is designed to run as part of any coiled tubing string where pressure and temperature data is required.

A ¾" Trip Ball can be pumped through the carrier to activate a Hydraulic Disconnect and release the tool string from an inflatable packer or as an emergency disconnect. The carrier holds two Reservoir Group 1" Micro Automatic Gauges, each capable of recording 1,000,000 pressure and temperature data sets at any sample rate chosen by the operator. A typical 1 second sample rate will record 11.5 days of data.

The Coiled Tubing Gauge Carrier comes complete with gauges assembled, ready to run in hole. No operator input is required to record data to memory. The gauges are fully-automatic and use pre-programmed pressure and temperature threshold values to start and stop recording. Please refer to our Micro Automatic Gauge Datasheet for more detailed information on the gauges.



  • The assembly is designed to be ‘run-it-yourself’ and therefore requires no additional personnel to deploy
  • Compact carrier assembly at 2.25" OD and 36.6" long
  • ¾" Trip Ball can pass through the carrier assembly to activate a Hydraulic Disconnect.
  • Fully-automatic gauges require no operator input to acquire data
  • Large 1,000,000 data set memory, all data stored with real time values for easy analysis
  • Long life ‘AA’ size Battery in the gauge is easier to ship since it is not classed as dangerous goods


  • Any Coiled Tubing Run where pressure or temperature data is required.


Material AISI 4140 30-36, QPQ finish
Service Standard and H2S
Maximum external pressure Must not exceed sensor range or 15 ksi Max
Sensor range
2 options, 8.6 ksi and 15 ksi
Sensor type
Accuracy ± 0.06% FSO
Accuracy typical
± 0.04% FSO
0.2 psi
Maximum temperature Must not exceed 150°C
Operating range
0°C to 150°C
± 1.0°C
Accuracy typical
± 0.5°C
Battery type
AA type lithium, hardwired
Operating voltage
3.6 to 3.9 V
Battery life *
Up to 1 Year
Sampling interval 1 to 600 seconds
Memory type Non-volatile
1,000,000 data sets
Record contents
Real time, pressure, temperature
Gauge other
Diameter 1" OD
Materials SS 17-4 PH, Sub K500 Monel
Standard and H2S

* Battery life varies with temperature and sampling interval