Effectively captures quick bursts of data during Perforating Operations.

Capable of fast sampling at selected ‘burst’ rates up to 115,200 samples per second, Reservoir Group’s Pulse Gauge is ideal for perforating jobs where a fast response is required to capture critical pressure data.

Fast sampling is triggered in two ways either by pressure ‘Level’ or pressure ‘Window’. When pressure ‘Level’ is used, fast sampling is enabled when a pressure set point or level is reached. When pressure ‘Window’ is used, fast sampling is enabled when the pressure increases by a set amount over a set time period, effectively a rate of change of pressure in a short time frame.

The Pulse Gauge has a large 2 million data set ‘burst’ memory for capturing a critical event and a 500,000 data set standard memory for continual operation.


  • Programmable ‘burst’ sampling intervals up to 115,200 samples per second
  • Fast sampling triggered by either pressure ‘Level’ or ‘Window’
  • 2,000,000 ‘burst’ sample data sets and 500,000 standard sample data sets
  • Pressure rating up to 30 ksi operation
  • Replaceable AA lithium battery pack for ease of use
  • Easy shipping – no IATA dangerous goods restrictions


  • Perforating monitoring
  • Pressure build-up or draw-down tests
  • Production optimisation

Specific Applications

  • Capable of high pressure monitoring


Maximum external pressure Must not exceed 30 ksi Max
Range 100 psi to 30 ksi
Sensor type Piezo-resistive
Accuracy ( >100 psi) ± 0.10% FSO
0.0003% FSO
Maximum temperature
Must not exceed 150°C
± 1.0°C
± 1.0°C
0.001% FSO
Battery type
AA Lithium
Operating voltage
3.2 to 3.9 V
Battery life*
Up to 42 days **
Standard capacity 500,000 data sets
Standard sampling interval 1 to 600 seconds
Burst capacity
2,000,000 data sets
Burst sampling interval
115,200 samples/sec for 2.3 seconds
57,600 samples/sec for 4.5 seconds
28,800 samples/sec for 9.1 seconds
14,400 samples/sec for 18 seconds
7,200 samples/sec for 38 seconds
Materials Inconel 718
Standard or H2S

Pulse 1.52

This program is for downloading and programming the Reservoir Group Pulse Tool.