Side Pocket Tool 1.5"

A pressure and temperature gauge for Side Pocket Mandrel applications.

The Reservoir Group SPM Internal Gauge is a dual function Piezo Gauge assembly designed with seal stacks for plugging off an industry-standard 1.5" Side Pocket Mandrel. The gauge is fully automatic, capable of recording accurate real-time internal tubing pressure and temperature. With the SPM Internal Gauge located in place, full bore access is gained into the well. Unlike conventional Gauge Carriers, the SPM Internal Gauge can be recovered without pulling the completion.

The gauge is supplied in monitor mode and will record data at a pre-set sampling interval to memory when a user-programmed pressure or temperature threshold has been exceeded. The gauge reverts to monitor mode and stops recording data when the well pressure and temperature fall below both threshold values. Data is captured for the entire operation with no operator input required.

This low power gauge uses a single AA size battery which has no dangerous goods shipping restrictions. A built in real time clock ensures accurate data is stored with real time values and the data from each survey is stored individually in its large memory for easy download and analysis.

Our Windows-based Memory Gauge software is easy to operate, even for the beginner, and simple communication steps to download data from the gauge will provide a graphical plot display. For the more advanced user, features such as plot manipulation tools, data export options and Gradient Survey/Report generation tools, are available.



  • Uses standard SPM wireline tools and procedures
  • Full bore access makes the assembly ideal for Fracs
  • Unlike Conventional Gauge Carriers, data can be recovered without pulling the completion
  • Fully automatic requiring no operator input to record data
  • All data is stored with real time values for easy analysis
  • 1,000,000 data set memory, where 10 second recording rate provides 115 days of data
  • Innovative electronics dramatically reduces power consumption
  • Long life ‘AA’ size battery is easier to ship since it is not classed as dangerous goods



  • Frac monitoring with full bore access to the well
  • Gas lift mandrel
  • Long duration data recording
  • Production monitoring and artificial lift control
  • Production optimisation


Maximum external pressure Must not exceed sensor range or 15 ksi Max
Sensor range 2 options, 8.6 ksi and 15 ksi
Sensor type Piezo-resistive
Accuracy +/- 0.06% FSO
Accuracy typical
+/- 0.04% FSO
0.2 psi
Maximum temperature
Must not exceed range or 150°C Max
Range 0°C to 150°C
+/- 1.0ºC
+/- 0.5ºC
Battery type
AA type lithium, hardwired
Operating voltage
3.2 to 3.9 V
Battery life *
More than 1 Year
Sampling interval 1 to 600 seconds
Memory type Non-volatile
2,000,000 data sets
Record contents
Real time, pressure, temperature
Top thread connection
1-1⁄16" x 18 TPI UNF
Materials SS 17-4 PH, Gauge Sub K500 Monel
Standard or H2S
* Battery life varies with temperature and sampling interval