A versatile small diameter gauge primarily for gauge carrier applications.

When reliable data is required, but diameters are tight and flow is critical, Reservoir Group’s Slimline Memory Gauge is the solution.

At only ¾" diameter and 7.95" long, the Slimline is compact and unobtrusive for use in most small bore applications.

Due to extremely low power consumption, the Reservoir Group Slimline Gauge can run for long periods on a single ‘AA’ size battery. The detachable ‘AA’ size Battery Pack is ideal for multi-use applications allowing for a quick battery change and gauge turn around. For easy shipping, the ‘AA’ Battery Pack is classed as non-dangerous goods.


  • Reduced mass and dimensions results in quicker temperature response
  • Ideal for 2 3⁄8” tubing
  • Large 2,000,000 data set memory
  • Long life ‘AA’ size Battery Pack is easier to ship since it is not classed as dangerous goods
  • Can be run inside a Shock Housing on spring mounts for added shock and vibration protection.
  • Suitable for stimulation work as small diameter helps to minimise restriction to flow of well
  • Can be configured to port external pressure directly to the transducer with 15Ksi Max differential pressure rating using a seal arrangement on the Transducer Housing and Seal Nose or Seal Tandem Adaptor


  • Frac monitoring
  • Gradient surveys
  • Perforation monitoring
  • Plunger lift
  • Pressure build-up or draw-down tests
  • Production monitoring and artificial lift control
  • Production optimisation
  • Reservoir evaluation, well testing and DST
  • Slickline operations
  • Static, flowing and build-up surveys
  • Stimulation monitoring


Maximum external pressure Must not exceed sensor range or 25 ksi Max
Maximum differential pressure
Must not exceed 15 ksi Max *(Note)
Sensor range 8 options from 0.75 ksi to 25 ksi
Sensor type Piezo-resistive
Accuracy ( >100 psi) <± 0.050% FSO
Accuracy typical
± 0.030% FSO
Long-term stability
0.1% FSO
Drift < 3 psi per year
0.0003% FSO
Maximum temperature
Must not exceed range or 177°C Max
Range 4 options from 100°C to 177°C
± 0.6°C
± 0.2°C
0.0001% FSO
Battery type
AA Lithium
Operating voltage
3.2 to 3.9 V
Battery life **
56 or 85 days ***
Sampling interval 1/100s, 1/10s, ≥ 1s
2,000,000 records
Record contents
Time, pressure, temperature, battery voltage
Materials Inconel 718
Standard or H2S
* Note: The Slimline Gauge can be ported for external pressure directly to the Transducer. This is referred to as ‘Slimline 0.75” OD, 15ksi MAX DIFF’. It is configured with a seal on the Transducer Housing and Seal Nose or Tandem Adapter connection to allow isolation from internal pressure. Refer to the Catalogue Page for options and Specifications.
** Battery life varies with temperature and sampling interval
*** Specified at 125°C & 5 second sampling interval (56 days with AA Battery Pack and 85 days with 2AA Battery Pack)