Ultra Slimline

A versatile ½" diameter gauge that is adaptable for a variety of downhole applications.

Reservoir Group’s Ultra Slimline Memory Gauge boasts a ½” diameter, making it the only Memory Gauge on the market suitable for deployment in very small tubing.

At only ½" diameter and 7" long, the Ultra Slimline is extremely compact and unobtrusive for use in small bore applications. Using a very small ‘½ AAA’ Battery Pack, the Ultra Slimline Gauge can record for 8 days on a 2 second sample rate due to its extremely low power consumption. The detachable battery pack is ideal for multi-use applications allowing for a quick battery change and gauge turn around. For easy shipping, the battery is classed as non-dangerous goods.


  • Perfect for small hole applications where larger gauges cannot be run
  • Piezo Sensor provides exceptional data quality in a small package
  • Fast temperature response time
  • Generous 500,000 data set memory
  • NACE® approved gauge, sensor and housing are welded to gauge body eliminating potential leak points
  • Highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • ‘½ AAA’ size Battery Pack is easier to ship since it is not classed as dangerous goods
  • Small diameter minimises impact on flow of well
  • Ideal for Gauge Carrier applications 


  • Frac monitoring
  • Gradient surveys
  • Perforation monitoring
  • Plunger lift
  • Pressure build-up or draw-down tests
  • Production optimisation
  • Slickline operations
  • Static, flowing and build-up surveys
  • Stimulation monitoring


Specific Applications

  • Running surveys in 1" OD tubing completions and applications


Maximum external pressure Must not exceed sensor range or 10 ksi Max
Sensor range 3 options, 3 ksi, 6 ksi and 10 ksi
Sensor type Piezo-resistive
Accuracy <± 0.050% FSO
Long-term stability
0.1% FSO
Drift < 3 psi per year
0.0003% FSO
Maximum temperature
Must not exceed range or 150°C Max
Range 2 options, 125°C and 150°C
± 0.6°C
± 0.2°C
0.0001% FSO
Battery type
½ AAA Lithium
Operating voltage
3.2 to 3.9 V
Battery life *
10 days **
Sampling interval 1 second to 1 hour
500,000 records
Record contents
Time, pressure, temperature
Materials Inconel 718
Standard or H2S
* Battery life varies with temperature and sampling interval
** Specified at 125°C and 5 second sampling interval