Premier Quartz

More accurate and robust gauge for long duration surveys.

This ‘Short Quartz’ downhole pressure and temperature Memory Gauge features metal-to-metal seals for ultimate leak protection, an extremely low drift quartz pressure transducer and a real-time clock for up to the second data accuracy, all contained in a very compact and short assembly.

A replaceable silver-coated metal C-Ring provides back-up to a primary metal-to-metal seal incorporated in the design of the gauge metalwork. This in turn is backed up by double O-Ring seals. Together with a torque set metal-to-metal seal arrangement at the Pressure Transducer, combines to give the gauge impenetrable leak protection.

The Premier Quartz specification is advanced, not only in its short length, but in terms of its extremely low power consumption and large memory capacity. Together with a large CC size battery combines to give a long operating life. The electronic circuitry is sealed inside an internal housing, evacuated and filled with Argon gas. These measures render the gauge particularly suitable for long duration jobs in difficult conditions and in wells with highly corrosive fluids and gases.

Our associated Windows-based Memory Gauge software is very easy to operate, even for the beginner, where simple communication steps to download data from the gauge will provide a graphical display of data. For the more advanced user, features such as plot manipulation tools, data export options and Gradient Survey/Report generation tools, are available.



  • The Quartzdyne Sensor provides highly accurate data with excellent resolution, whilst demonstrating extremely low drift
  • All data is stored with real time values for easy analysis
  • Metal-to-metal seals eliminate leaks in hostile wells
  • Innovative electronics dramatically reduces power consumption
  • Detachable Battery options are available for easy replacement


  • Gradient surveys
  • Pressure build-up or draw-down tests
  • Production surveys
  • Reservoir evaluation, well testing & DST
  • Slickline operations
  • Static, flowing and build-up surveys
  • Stimulation monitoring
Maximum external pressure Must not exceed sensor range or 15 ksi Max
Sensor range 2 options, 10 ksi and 15 ksi
Sensor type Quartz resonator
Accuracy +/- 0.02% FSO
Accuracy typical +/- 0.01% FSO
Resolution 0.01 psi
Maximum temperature Must not exceed 150°C
Operating range 0°C to 150°C
Accuracy +/- 1.0ºC
Repeatability +/- 0.5ºC
Resolution 0.01 ºC
Battery type 4 options - CC hardwired type Lithium;
AA, C or CC detachable type Lithium
Operating voltage 3.2 to 3.9 V
Battery life * Up to 1 Year
Sampling interval 1 to 600 seconds
Memory type Non-volatile
Capacity 720,000 data sets
Record contents Real time, pressure, temperature
Materials SS 17-4 PH, Sub K500 Monel
Service Standard or H2S
* Battery life varies with temperature, sampling interval and battery type used.