QM200 Slim

A small diameter, high accuracy quartz gauge for carrier applications up to 200°C

The QM200 Slim Quartz is an extremely small diameter Quartz Memory Gauge engineered to be deployed in Wireline Shock Housings/Carriers and tubing conveyed Carriers. At 0.75” OD, it is one of the most rugged and compact quartz gauges available on the market. The QM200 Slim complements the Omega QM range of Quartz Memory Gauges capable of high pressure and high temperature monitoring up to 200°C.

The QM200 Slim provides exceptional data quality up to an impressive 25 ksi using Quartzdyne’s state-of-the-art digital hybrid technology. The small diameter allows for a faster response compared to larger quartz gauges. A field replaceable 200°C memory module allows rapid change-out of the gauge’s electronics providing virtually uninterrupted use of the gauge when required for multiple runs. A large 1 million dataset memory module is supplied as standard, but a 2 million dataset memory module (max 185°C rated) is available as an option. Materials such as Hastelloy and Inconel are used in the manufacture of the QM200 Slim to help combat corrosion effects associated with use in HPHT hostile wells.

Reservoir Group provides a range of spring mounted Shock Housings/Carriers and tubing conveyed Carriers for deploying the QM200 Slim gauge as standard, but can design a Carrier suited to any application. Contact Reservoir Group for details.



  • High pressure and temperature solution for up to 25ksi and 200°C
  • Field replaceable memory modules, 1 million dataset (QM200EX-1M) as standard or 2 million dataset (QM200EX-2M, 185°C) as an option
  • Highest quality data assured in any environment
  • Redundant or sequential memory modes (saves data into two memory banks, securing data or doubling memory capability for long term jobs)
  • Multiple short term tests are possible without downloading memory
  • Standard Reservoir Group downhole Gauge Carriers and Shock Housings are available for deployment with the QM200 Slim
  • Reservoir Group can assist with design of specific Carriers for the QM200 Slim


  • Ideal for use in hostile well, H2S and CO2 corrosive environments
  • Gradient survey
  • Interference test
  • Pressure build-up or draw-down test
  • Production optimization
  • Reservoir evaluation, well testing and DST
  • Slickline carrier operations
  • Static, flowing and build-up surveys


Maximum external pressure Must not exceed sensor range or 25 ksi Max
Sensor range 4 options from 10 ksi to 25 ksi
Sensor type Quartz resonator
Accuracy ± 0.015% FSO
Drift 0.02% FSO per year
(resolution figures stated in brackets are for 0.1 second sampling interval only)
10 ksi <0.006 psi
(<0.06 psi)
16 ksi <0.008 psi
(<0.08 psi)
20 ksi <0.008 psi
(<0.08 psi)
25 ksi <0.010 psi
(<0.10 psi)
Maximum temperature * Must not exceed sensor range or 200°C Max
Sensor range 3 options, 150°C, 177°C and 200°C
Accuracy +/- 0.15ºC
Repeatability < 0.01 °C
Resolution <0.005°C (scales directly with sample rate)
Battery type 2 AA or 4AA, Lithium
Operating voltage 3.2 to 3.9 V
Battery life ** 9.9 or 19 days ***
Sampling interval 0.1 second and 1 second to 1 hour
Capacity **** 1,000,000 data sets (sequential mode) or 500,000 data sets (redundant mode)
Record contents Time, pressure, temperature
Materials Inconel 718 & Hastelloy C-276
Service Standard or H2S

* Optional QM200EX-2M memory module is rated up to 185°C only
** Battery life varies with temperature and sampling interval
*** Specified at 125°C and 5 second sampling interval
**** Double this capacity for optional QM200EX-2M memory module