Permanent and real time monitoring

Our range of Real Time Monitoring Systems bring reliability to the wellsite. We successfully deploy our high quality gauges for accurate data in even the most challenging conditions and environments

Real Time Solutions

Real time solutions

Today’s reservoir production demands require monitoring technologies precise enough to detect the slightest pressure and temperature variations.
Tubing-Casing Conveyed System

Tubing-casing conveyed system

Reservoir Group conveyed systems are developed and manufactured internally.
Suspended System

Suspended system

Unlike a conveyed Reservoir Group system, a suspended system is installed without the requirement of a service or drilling rig.
Drop Spool System

Drop spool system

The use, and major advantage, of the Drop Spool is to deploy systems for temporary monitoring in either space constrained or hard to access locations as well as an economic alternative to other deployment vehicles.
Half Inch Piezo Permanent

Half Inch Piezo Permanent

Ideal for coil tubing applications and wells with a tight tubing to casing annulus where pressure and temperature data acquisition is critical.
Piezo Permanent Plue

Piezo Permanent Plus

A “work horse” tool originally designed in 1993 is currently in more than 1000 installations in over 30 different countries.


Ideally utilised in wells where little to no flow is expected and wellbore environments are below 250°C.
Quartz Hybrid Permanent

Quartz Hybrid Permanent

Specifically developed to be run into the harsh conditions affiliated environments when the temperatures reach up to 225°C.
Resistance Temperature Dectector

Resistance temperature dectector

Temperature Detecting Assembly is a single point probe that measures temperatures up to 265°C.


Thermocouple packages are primarily utilised by Oil and Gas operators that are looking to ascertain temperature gradients and profiles in a variety of completed wells.