Piezo Permanent Plus

A “work horse” tool originally designed in 1993 is currently in more than 1000 installations in over 30 different countries.

The hermetically sealed design makes it the most robust tool providing real time data in the industry. This is primarily run as a single tool deployment, however with continuing research and development, the Piezo Permanent Plus is now capable of communicating with 4 tools simultaneously, providing real time updates on the same Data Instrument Cable.

As with all Reservoir Group gauges, specific metallurgy can be chosen to meet your specific environment. Additionally proprietary surface electronics (DINLine) allow for the real time data to be captured, displayed and/or transmitted direct to your location of choice.



  • Pressure and Temperature Sensor
    • 150Psi – 20Ksi @ 150°C
  • Real-time read-out with as quick as 2 second sample rates
  • Accuracy -0.050% FS / Drift < 3psi/year
  • Electron-beam welded sensor
    • Vacuum-sealed electronics
  • Multi Sensors on one cable (up to 4)
  • Small OD (7/8”)
  • Low power consumption
  • Pressure testable connection assembly



  • Deviated/ Horizontal Wells
  • Observation Wells
  • Production Wells
  • Injection Wells
  • Source Wells
  • Gas Storage Wells
  • Packer integrity
  • Pump Monitoring
  • Frac Monitoring
  • Reservoir Engineering Data
    • Formation damage
    • Draw down test
    • Build up Tests
    • Injectivity plots
    • Modeling


Wellhead pressure 10 Ksi
Sensor type
Accuracy ±0.050 % full scale
Long-term stability 0.1% full scale
Drift < 3 psi per year
Resolution 0.0003 % full scale
Maximum temperature
± 1.0°C
± 0.2°C
0.0001 % full scale
Downhole Telemetry Unit
Operating voltage
12 to 24 VDC
Current 4 mA continuous / 10 mA while sampling
Data Collection
Data elements
Pressure, temperature
Sampling interval
2.00 seconds
LCD display frequency
Last sampled value once each second
Downhole communication
PSK Via DINLine system