Quartz Hybrid Permanent

Specifically developed to be run into the harsh conditions affiliated environments when the temperatures reach up to 225°C.

Run in conjunction with our Data Instrument Cable (TEC) while utilizing our surface electronics (DINLine), Reservoir Group can provide clients with real time pressure and temperature data in a variety of transmission options.

A unique design feature of this tool is its ability to “Plug & Run”. This feature enables the installer to produce a reliable interface to the gauge as well as provides strain relief for suspended applications.

As with our Piezo Permanent Gauge, the Quartz Hybrid Gauge can also be run with 4 tools in tandem on a single Instrument Data Cable.



  • Pressure and Temperature sensor
    • 5Ksi – 25Ksi @ 225°C
  • Real-time read-out with as quick as 2 second sample rates
  • Accuracy ± 0.015% FS
  • Low drift over time…0.02% full scale per year (1psi)
  • Electron-beam welded sensor
    • Vacuum-sealed electronics
  • Multi Sensors on one Instrument Data Cable (up to 4)
  • OD (3⁄4”)
  • Low power consumption
  • Pressure testable connection assembly
  • Deviated/ Horizontal Wells
  • Observation Wells
  • Production Wells
  • Injection Wells
  • Source Wells
  • Packer integrity
  • SAGD Monitoring
  • Pump Monitoring
  • Frac Monitoring
  • Reservoir Engineering Data
  • Formation damage
  • Draw down test
  • Build up Tests
  • Injectivity plots
  • Modeling


Maximum external pressure 25ksi or Gauge pressure rating
Sensor type
Quartz Resonator
Typical Accuracy ± 0.015% full scale
Drift at max Pressure and Temp 0.02% full scale per year
Repeatability <0.01% full scale
Typical Resolution
0.0044 psi
Calibrated Temperature Range
25°C to 150°C / 25°C to 177°C /
25°C to 200°C / 25ºC to 225ºC
± 0.15°C
Surface Electronics
Operating voltage
20 to 28V
Data Collection
Data elements
Pressure, temperature
Sampling interval
2.4 seconds
Surface com DINLine III (VITA)
Operating Perameters
Line length Max
Maximum tensile
Surface com DINLine III (VITA)