Thermocouple packages are primarily utilised by Oil and Gas operators that are looking to ascertain temperature gradients and profiles in a variety of completed wells.

Reservoir Group’s Thermocouples are rugged and provide extremely quick and accurate response time in most applications and can be deployed to depths approaching 5000 meters.

Typically installations consist of multi-configurations that include the use of Thermocouples and pressure temperature gauges (Reservoir Group Piezo and Piezometers) to provide an extensive well data profile in real time over extended horizons.

Usually a difficult and technically complex system to deploy, Reservoir Group has a near 100% success rate in installing these types of system with E&P clients.


  • Temperatures up to 800°C
  • Accuracy of +/- 2C, subject to indeterminate drift
  • Surface readout w/o power requirements
  • Thermocouple Line
  • Minimum 2 temperature points
  • Maximum 50 Points per bundle
  • 5000 meter depth
  • Conveyed or Suspended applications
  • Option – additional data capture
  • Pressure/ Temperature
  • Piezometer 150psi – 3,600 psi 250°C
  • Piezo Permanent 150psi – 20Ksi 150°C
  • Quartz Hybrid 5Ksi – 25Ksi 225°C


  • Deviated/ Horizontal Wells
  • Observation Wells
  • Geothermal Wells
  • Production Wells
  • Injection Wells
  • SAGD Monitoring
  • Pump Monitoring
  • Reservoir Engineering Data
    • Temperature Profiling
    • Steam Conformance
    • Formation damage
    • Draw down testBuild up TestsInjectivity plots
    • Modeling