Tubing-casing conveyed system

Reservoir Group conveyed systems are developed and manufactured internally.

Reservoir Group Oil & Gas conveyed systems, developed and manufactured internally, consist fundamentally of the following key components:

  • Surface Electronics (DINLine)
  • Wellhead Feed-Thru (CSA, UL Class 1, Div2 approved)
  • Cable Heads & Splices (fully pressure testable)
  • Cable Protectors (Light, Heavy and Premium Class)
  • Downhole Instrument Cable (TEC) (0.125", 0.25" Inconel and 316Stainless)
  • Downhole Sensors (Piezo, Quartz, Piezometer, Thermocouple, RTD)
  • Carrier (Unibody, Welded, Clamp on)



Particular attention is required in designing a Conveyed Permanent Monitoring system; most often requiring custom design as a result of the unique characteristics of each completion and wellbore configuration. Maximum run depths approach 6000 meters with wellbore environments of around 250°C.

Reservoir Group Oil & Gas has consistently led the industry in the permanent monitoring segment, with over 1200 installations globally and a success rate of greater than 97% over the past 5 years. This success can largely be attributed to our attention to detail around our clients expectations and deliverables.