International Shipping Guidelines

  • For returned products originating outside of Canada, please mark the invoice and the Airway Bill “RETURN/REPAIR TO COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.” Mark “Country of Origin” as “Canada”. This is the best way to ensure that duties will not be assessed.
  • Shipments will be refused if the “Duties and Taxes” section of the Airway Bill is marked “Bill Recipient.” This section must be marked “Bill Sender.” If neither box is marked, Canada Customs will assume “Bill Recipient.” In that case, Reservoir Group will refuse the shipment.
  • The shipment must exit your country through your local Customs office. Failure to do so will cause problems for your shipment with your local Customs office when returned by Reservoir Group.
  • The value given the goods when returned to Reservoir Group will be the value given the repair/replacement shipment when returned. If Reservoir Group has not been given a value, the original purchase price will be used.
  • We prefer shipments to be returned by FedEx. It is the customer’s responsibility to adequately insure the shipment. If the shipment is shipped through another carrier, a surcharge of $100.00 per package will apply to cover additional paperwork through Canadian Customs.
  • Please fax copies of the Airway Bill and Commercial Invoice to Reservoir Group immediately upon shipping the package. Reservoir Group must receive copies of the paperwork before we will accept returned goods.

Please contact us if you have any questions.