Memory Tools Software

Gateway 1.06.03

Gateway is software that interfaces with Memory Monitoring gauges. 


Gizmo 1.06.02

Gizmo is a software utility that can open text files containing data formatted in character delimited columns. Gizmo is capable of distinguishing the file’s header from the data columns and detecting the character delimiter that separates the data values. After successfully parsing a data file, Gizmo can perform functions that manipulate the data.

These include converting the data’s units of measure, convert time from real-time to elapsed time, converting the real time format, applying arithmetic functions to numbers, removing data columns, and finally merging multiple data columns into a single data column.


Graph 1.643

This program is used to graph and manipulate tool data downloaded from Memory Tools, or logged from Surface Related Tools and Permanent Monitoring Tools.


Pulse 1.55

This program is for downloading and programming the Pulse Tool.


MLTMod 1.25

This is the setup and download software for the MLT300 Memory Module and sensors.


ToolBox 2.08

This multi-tool program that communicates with most of the legacy Memory Tools.


Shut-In Tool 1.18

This program is used for the Shut In Tool. With this software the Shut In Tool can be programmed with multiple open/close sequences, test communication, test piston movements, battery voltage and download memory.


Surface Related Tools Software

Skyline 2.081

This is the setup and interface software for the SPT300 and SLT300 wireless tools.


Tracker 1.01

This program communicates with Depth-Time-Recorder units and let you setup the encoder and tension sensors as well as download the memory files after a job.


Depth/Tension Convertor 2.55

The USB Depth and Tension System measures both depth and tension and will then display the information collected in a graph format.


Subworks Download Software

Vita 1.13.02

Vita is software that interfaces with D3X and D3X-TDM Surface Acquisition Units. 


DOx 1.00

Utility used to switch operation mode of D3XT.


SRO 1.80

This program is used with the Permanent Monitoring SRO (Surface Read Out) real time tool or the SROXT real time tool. It will record and monitor pressure and temperature information retrieved from the well and display it in a graph format.


ModBusShop 2.175

This software is used to communicate with DINline II systems.


MultiSRO Modbus 2.01

This software communicates with Rack Mount Systems.


USB Drivers

USB Driver 2.06

The USB device driver for any USB Interface communication device on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10. USB Drivers are 32 and 64 bit compatible.


Generic USB Driver 2.12.06

The USB device driver for all USB Interface communication device on Windows 7/8/8.1. USB Drivers are 64 bit compatible.

Please note that the Installation of these USB Drivers must be performed manually, detailed instructions are included.